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Solution oriented. Right from start.

Envisioned by the Chairman Brij Khandelwal, brand Electro was founded in the year 1986 to serve manufacturers of plastic goods. Supply, grade mis-match, credit and various other factors always stood as a concern in the industry and we sought to solve it.

In a decade, Electro became a force in the Polymer industry for its focus on providing choice and imparting knowledge to our suppliers and customers.​

In the last ten years we have focused on diversifying ourselves and modelling all our businesses on the pillars of being reliable, honest and transparent with growth and speed in mind.​
    Mr Brij Khandelwal
    • Polymers & Petrochemical
    • PVC Imports Constructions
    • Hospitality
    • Real Estate Project Funding
    • OPVC Pipe Manufacturing
    • Polymer Additives

The Electro Group


To Excel in whatever we do


To make the customer powerful by imparting knowledge

To serve and contribute to the welfare of the industry

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